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about me

How it All Began . . .

Reni Adebayo-Ige had a humble beginning as an orphan from age seven--her father passed away when she was six months old and her mother when she was seven years old. However, God's hands of love, grace & favor kept her while growing up and continues to keep her today. Raised by her maternal aunt, who had put her in the church choir at a very young age, Reni continued to sing from childhood through adolescence to adulthood.

Today, Reni, a recognized international worship minister, is a psalmist, song writer, and recording artiste with five full albums and four singles on her list of accomplishments. Her album titles are All Things are Possible, I Believe, Testimony, Dependable, and Unconditional Love. At the same time, the singles are El-Shaddai, Grace & Mercy, My Papa, and The King is Coming. Reni has ministered in several cities in North America, Africa, Western and Eastern Europe.

Reni and her husband, Pastor Bernard Adebayo-Ige, P.E., live in Eastvale, CA, from where she continues to minister to the people of God across many church organizations in North America and abroad. She also co-pastor Winners Christian Church in Corona, CA, with her husband. They are blessed with three adult sons.

Reni is the President of Reni Ministries, a 501C3 organization that awards educational scholarships to some African orphans. In addition, for over a decade, Reni hosted an annual interdenominational Christmas Party for children and teens in the Delaware Valley area (Pennsylvania, Southern NJ & Delaware). According to Reni, it was an avenue to showcase their talents, tagged "Catch Them Young for Christ."

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