Right from the time of creation, mothers have played vital roles in molding and forming the next generations. The influence of a mother in the lives of the children and even husbands (either positive or negative) cannot be over emphasized. The continuity of lives cannot be achieved without the influence of a mother.  
We must be careful to know that motherhood is not determined by the number of children one has or does not have. A woman can find true joy of motherhood in her own assignment from God.

Deborah was wife and named “a mother in Israel” but the scripture never recorded any child for her (Judg. 4:4, 5:7). Definitely from the name accorded her, she found the true joy of motherhood in the assignment God gave to her as a Prophetess, a leader and a motivator.

Hannah, a woman of prayer and praise, (1Sam. 1:12-13) influenced Samuel her son to be prayerful too. Thus we saw Samuel, the Prophet continually taking every matter to the Lord in prayer even when he was troubled at heart, he still prayed. (1Sam. 8:6, 15:11). Having taken time to nurture and nurse her son, she used that period to convey her own spirit of deep reverence and piety to him. Thus, she prepared Samuel, the spiritual leader who turned the nation toward Yahweh for the great task God had for him.  ...Read more

Evang. Reni
Recording Artist, Worship Minister & Song Writer.
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We promise to Reach, Encourage and Support the Early Development of Talents in Children and Youths especially those  in Orphanage Homes in Africa. 


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Our vision is to reach millions of people with our songs so that they will believe and accept Jesus Christ as Lord.


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Our songs will be from the WORD, inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT  to give glory to GOD and shall enrich the Spirit, Soul and Body of the hearers.

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