One of the fundamental laws of Success according to Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of KICC, London, is the "Law of Sound."  Before retirement in the United States, a worker would have driven for an average of 168,000 hrs traveling to and fro the working place. In several cases, most of this huge time is spent in the car;  thus the sound that comes from the car tape/radio would make and un-make the person as per life progress. There are 4 C's to do with what you hear; Choose it, Check it, Challenge it and Change it. Choose what you hear, check and challenge it to see that it can take you to the next level; if it does not pass this test, CHANGE IT!

I will like to recommend for you to have in your car today, a  copy of - I BELIEVE & ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE CD's. They contain songs that are very inspirational and will meet your needs at all times. Please click here for the song of the month Listen. (He is Alive!)
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By the special grace of God, I will be in Washington DC,  (schedule) at the National Wesleyan Church for the Launching of "I BELIEVE CD." If you're near the Washington DC, area; I wish to invite you to this program. You will have opportunity of being blessed in a LIVE performance of  "I BELIEVE" CD. Click here for details.

... Mama Reni

Mama Reni
Recording Artist, Worship Minister & Song Writer.
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We promise to Reach, Encourage and Support the Early Development of Talents in Children and Youths especially those  in Orphanage Homes in Africa. 

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Our vision is to reach millions of people with our songs so that they will believe and accept Jesus Christ as Lord.


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"Your appeal will reach many empty hearts looking for a loving & available God..."   Taxi A/R Reviewer. on "I BELIEVE"

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Our songs will be from the WORD, inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT  to give glory to GOD and shall enrich the Spirit, Soul and Body of the hearers.

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