In everyone, God has a deposit of what will make the person to be great. The challenge is how to locate the deposit, knowing and using its contents. Sometimes, past experiences do cause delay or totally incapacitating one in making a move to get to the next level. I guess you know what I am taking about - experience in relationships, business, professional, ministry etc. By the special grace of God, I say and believe that this is the season (year) for you to ARISE AND SHINE. Amen.  Whatever factor(s) that may be disturbing your "RISING AND SHINNING" has not diminish the values that God that has placed upon you, therefore spend this season to develop those values and ARISE AND SHINE. I read an interesting parable of the value of a $20 bill and I am including the piece here for you to read it as well. read parable

ARISE AND SHINE is the 4th track of my new CD "I BELIEVE" . The track is taken from (Ish 60:1) and it is the song of the month for FEBRUARY 2005, thus play it just click (please click to listen) to play the track. If you do not have my CD, please click the link below to buy on our site.

 By the special grace of God, I will be in Dublin, Ireland Republic (schedule) on a Gospel Ministration tour. As many as do support our ministry in prayers, do remember us in your prayers during this time. Thanks.

... Mama Reni

Mama Reni
Recording Artist, Worship Minister & Song Writer.
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We promise to Reach, Encourage and Support the Early Development of Talents in Children and Youths especially those  in Orphanage Homes in Africa. 

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Our vision is to reach millions of people with our songs so that they will believe and accept Jesus Christ as Lord.


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"Your appeal will reach many empty hearts looking for a loving & available God..."   Taxi A/R Reviewer. on "I BELIEVE"

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Our songs will be from the WORD, inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT  to give glory to GOD and shall enrich the Spirit, Soul and Body of the hearers.

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