December 11, 2004, I will be hosting Children and Youths for an Xmas Party.  This is an inter-denominational program that brings Children/Youths in a fun-like atmosphere to express the gifts of God in their lives. The next three issues of our newsletter will be devoted to Children and Youths activities.

 “The vision is to make this party a yearly & great convention for Children & Youths from various denominations; we are glad to see them displaying their various talents during our past programs.” Said Reni. 

This year's Christmas party promises to be very great as we expect to have about 30 youths from the Presbyterian 2004 Summer Camps  Website to participate.

After the release of my first CD "ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE" I got calls from several families mentioning the likeness of their children to the tracks. In my second CD " I BELIEVE"  God gave me the opportunity to have my boys sing with me. In this issue, I am putting two tracks :- (O Give Thanks To God) and (I believe) Please play these tracks for your Children at home. 


MAMA RENI helping a Child during the 2003 Xmas Program 


We promise to Reach, Encourage and Support the Early Development of Talents in Children and Youths especially those  in Orphanage Homes in Africa. 

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Our songs will be from the WORD, inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT  to give glory to GOD and shall enrich the Spirit, Soul and Body of the hearers.

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